Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (PC)

Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (PC)


Poverty Builds
Late Endgame Builds
Elemental Builds
Safi’Jiiva Impact Builds
Safi’Jiiva Elemental Builds


Last Update

Brought page to parity with current console builds, including Raging Brachy builds. Raging Brachy releases April 9 (UTC).



Charge Blades worth crafting

Saber’s Maw II
(Progression only) Later, you can make it into Glavenus CB.

Chrome Fortress III
(Progression only) Great all-purpose CB until it is replaced by Lightbreak CB. Can use Elementless.

Dear Rosetta
(Progression only) Very similar to Chrome Fortress III, trading 10 raw and elementless for better slots, 10% affinity, and high poison.

Lightbreak Charge Blade
An incredibly strong new option which has replaced Luna Eostre and is available right after story (MR24). It actually comes extremely close to Safi’Jiiva Impact charge blades.

Despot’s Thundergale
Best Thunder elemental CB (pre-Safi)

Deep Schnegel II
Best Ice elemental CB (even after Safi)

Glavenus Bardred
Highest Fire Element CB (pre-Safi)

Hellsire Blade
Lower Fire Element but higher affinity and raw than Glavenus

Deep Terroir II
Best Water elemental CB.. but pretty bad still (pre-Safi)

Deathaxe Vaal Aspida
Best Dragon elemental CB (pre-Safi)



Progression Builds

Mid-story Builds

MR 1 star, no decos

MR 3 star, no decos

MR 5 star, no decos

Post-story Builds

No decos
Unfortunately, you will need to farm a lot of Raging Brachydios right after story for its armor and weapon. Each armor piece also requires a mantle-quality item to create. When you get a Magazine jewel (R7), replace the helm with Raging Brachydios a+. When you get an Ironwall jewel (R7 or combination) and Charger jewel (R8 or combination), replace the waist with Raging Brachydios a+.

Only R8 decos and under
Helm can be either B+ or a+, B+ will be used more later.

Only R10 decos and under



Impact Builds

#Master’s Touch

This build does not easily fit Guard 5. If you want Guard 5 it is recommended to use the Gamma helm build or Artillery Secret build.

Build variants:
Artillery 0

#Master’s Touch (Gamma)

Requires HR Kaiser Gamma helm from Arch-tempered Teostra. Sacrifices some defense for superior slots.

Build variants:
Guard 5
Artillery 0

#Artillery Secret

Artillery 5 has been reborn and it is REALLY strong (compared to Zorah sets).

Build variants:
Guard 5


For Savage Axe fanatics only, dropping Focus and Artillery for pure physical damage.

Build variants:
Gamma helm


No sharpness mitigation but Safi offers you plenty of opportunities to sharpen in battle. You can switch Mind’s Eye to Protective Polish if you find sharpness a big issue.

Build variants:
Less Offensive Guard, more Affinity



Elemental Builds

#Cookie Cutter (Master’s Touch)

Can be used with any elemental CB.

#Cookie Cutter (4 Namielle)

Only recommended for high element (base 390+). Only recommended for SAED focused playstyle. This set is replaced by Safi set.

#Cookie Cutter (True Critical Element)

Can be used with any elemental CB. Recommended for Savage Axe focused playstyle.


Balanced build with health boost 3.
Optional substitutions: -Critical +Minds Eye, -Vitality +Geology

Build variants:
Gamma helm


Safi’Jiiva Impact Builds

Safi FAQ

Which Safi CBs should I get?

For impact CBs, I recommend blast as the best general purpose CB. Sleep is also good for multiplayer or farming shinies in Guiding Lands. Poison feels worse than blast and paralysis takes a very long time to proc without investment into status. For elemental CBs, all but ice are best in slot for their element. Ice is beaten by Beotodus CB.

#Master’s Touch

This build does not easily fit Guard 5. If you want Guard 5 it is recommended to use the Gamma helm build or Artillery Secret build.

#Master’s Touch (Gamma helm)

Requires HR Kaiser Gamma helm from Arch-tempered Teostra. Sacrifices some defense for superior slots.

Build variants:
Guard 5

#Artillery Secret

While this looks almost identical to Lightbreak Charge Blade’s Artillery Secret build, the higher base attack from Safi with all attack awakenings provides a significant difference in phial damage.

Build variants:
Protective Polish + Item Prolonger
Guard 5


For Savage Axe fanatics only, dropping Focus and Artillery for pure physical damage.

Build variants:
Safi 3 + Master’s Touch + Resentment
Safi 3 + Razor Sharp + Resentment (Highest EFR)



Safi’Jiiva Elemental Builds

#Safi 5

Build variants:
Guard 5
Guard 5 (Beotodus)
Anti-Rajang (Beotodus)
Focusless (Beotodus)

#Safi + Teo Hybrid

Sacrifices some element for the mostly infinite sharpness of Master’s Touch. Requires Teo essence so Beotodus CB cannot use this set.

Build variants:
Guard 5
Focus 0

#True Critical Element

Higher physical hits (including Savage Axe ticks) than Safi 5 (Focus 0), but lower phial damage.

#Safi + Velkhana Hybrid

Somewhere between Safi 5 and True Critical Element. A hidden contender?

Build variants:
No Protective Polish
No Protective Polish (Beotodus)

76 thoughts on “Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (PC)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for updating your guides. This helps me a lot. U have a paypal? Id like to give few euros for ur work if u agree with it.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any thoughts on when to take True Crit Ele vs. (2/4)-piece Namielle? I’m assuming that, broadly, True Crit Ele is better for Savage Axe to take advantage of crit-able elemental damage, while the Namielle bonus works better with ele SAED gameplay to amp phial damage, but I’m not sure. Are there any other factors that play into it—the CB’s elemental value, monster hitzone values, etc?


    • Anonymous says:

      If its okay I shime in to help a bit:

      Your assumption is right, Namielle works better with SAED. Overall the SAED got nerfed hard for Iceborne, like really hard while Savage Axe mode crushes pretty hard with the right setup and true crit. Element.

      Pay attention to this sentence he wrote under the 4-piece Namielle picture as well: “Can be used with any elemental CB. Only recommended for high base element weapons such as Beotodus and Vaal Hazak, post augment and custom upgrade.”

      I don’t even bother to farm the Namielle set or SAEDs anymore.
      You can try out hitting the pole in the training area to get a feeling how much SAED got nerfed in comparison to Savage Axe mode. My friend and me tried it, we got like 900-1100 Damage SAED for full 6 philes.
      With Savage Axe mode you are usually able to deplete 4 philes, after that a Monster usually gets back on its feet and you gotta transform to Sword and Shield form. Damage was in the thousands, literally double and more. Important note: You need to tenderize the monster for this quite a bit.

      Hope that helped a bit.


  3. Anonymous says:

    What is the correct way to play CB if I want to maximise DPS: Savage axe or SAED spam?
    From what I understand, savage axe is the way to go for impact CBs. What about elemental CBs?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey so Im doing custom upgrades to Beo CB but I dont know what the Ratholos mod elemental needs, i have the Scales and tempered scales from guiding lands but its still ????, not sure what it is, figured you would know and yeah ive hunted for mats outside guiding lands still not sure what the hell it is


    • Anonymous says:

      Nevermind, THe game never registered my King scale so it said I never had unlocked it but I did use it on something else so yeah great game


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Been using your guides for a while which helped me with progession, what’s your opinion on Inescapable Karma build for Non-Ele? Is it worthy to use do to Purple Sharpess than The Melting Grasp with Masters Touch? Thanks a bunch!


  6. Victor says:

    Hello Capcom just released the Buff Body armor in PC version.. I want use it with CB.
    What do you think about this build? (full Buff Body + Rajang Helm B+) if you will change some skill what will you use?
    weapon is Luna Eostre (Health, elemental and def augments)

    (removed images)


  7. Godji says:

    Hmm, I’m seeing some conflicting reports about how resentment interacts with the healing augment for the Safi armor builds.It seems that Resentment actually takes a little time to actually trigger, which means that it misses the hit that caused you to lose life, but is gone from the healing by the time you start your next attack.
    In training room, doing a 10-12 hit sequence ten times with resenment gear and ten times without resentment seems to give the exact same damage output.
    Or is the whole point to whiff a couple attacks (which make you lose life without healing) to trigger resentment and then go to town ? It means you would still have to re-trigger resentment after each Safi armor heal proc which doesn’t sound optimal compared to just using straight up attack (or affinity/elemental) augments.


  8. Fanthumb says:

    I noticed all your impact builds have artillery showing it’s mainly for SAED playstyle. Does impact not do well with savage axe?


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