Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (PC)

Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (PC)

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87 thoughts on “Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (PC)

  1. Victor says:

    Hello Capcom just released the Buff Body armor in PC version.. I want use it with CB.
    What do you think about this build? (full Buff Body + Rajang Helm B+) if you will change some skill what will you use?
    weapon is Luna Eostre (Health, elemental and def augments)

    (removed images)


  2. Godji says:

    Hmm, I’m seeing some conflicting reports about how resentment interacts with the healing augment for the Safi armor builds.It seems that Resentment actually takes a little time to actually trigger, which means that it misses the hit that caused you to lose life, but is gone from the healing by the time you start your next attack.
    In training room, doing a 10-12 hit sequence ten times with resenment gear and ten times without resentment seems to give the exact same damage output.
    Or is the whole point to whiff a couple attacks (which make you lose life without healing) to trigger resentment and then go to town ? It means you would still have to re-trigger resentment after each Safi armor heal proc which doesn’t sound optimal compared to just using straight up attack (or affinity/elemental) augments.


  3. Fanthumb says:

    I noticed all your impact builds have artillery showing it’s mainly for SAED playstyle. Does impact not do well with savage axe?


    • stripedypaper says:

      those are all purpose builds for those who don’t want to necessarily restrict themselves to only SAED or only savage. If you want to only use savage you can try removing artillery or removing artillery+focus (there are builds for that here).


  4. Anonymous says:

    Which would you say it’s the best impact build now that safi and both rajang and raging brachy are out?
    Also, which style Savage or SAED is worthier even though their diferent situational uses. (general use)


  5. Anonymous says:

    I think the Guard 5 variant of the Artillery 5 Safi Blast set can be optimized slightly. You just need to swap the Magazine deco with the Guardian Deco, then upgrade the Guardian deco to a Guardian/Expert deco. It’ll let the build hit 100% affinity. Here’s a link to the build:,292,222,271,267,272,105,aff:1;def:1;health:1-;;;;-at6;at5;at5;at5;at5,0,0,243,0,0,14,52,49,161,101,49,16,16,0,16,0,0,243,49,30,1:0:0:0:0:0:0


  6. Meowism says:

    The safi-focusless set should probably run agitator charm and flawless/vit jewels instead of the flawless charm unless I’m missing something, it just seems like passing up two ranks of vitality for nothing.


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