Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)

Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)


Poverty Builds
Early Endgame Builds
Late Endgame Builds
Elemental Builds


Last Update

Updated Poverty and Early Endgame builds

Full Update History



Charge Blades worth crafting

Saber’s Maw II
For story progression. Later, you can make it into Glavenus CB.

Chrome Fortress III
Great all-purpose CB until it is replaced by Gold Rathian CB. Can use Elementless.

The Melting Grasp
For high phial damage builds. Can get purple sharpness but CB cannot hold it even with Master’s Touch because of sharpness loss from blocking. Can use Elementless.

Luna Eostra
This is currently the best impact charge blade. High raw, positive affinity, great sharpness, great slots. Not elementless but has very high poison. Must be MR70+ to obtain.

Ruinous Devastation
Strong with great sharpness but poor slots compared to Luna Eostra. Must be MR100+ to obtain.

Stygian Maledicta
Strong but falls a little short of Luna Eostra, even before poison is taken into account. Looks great though.

Rajang Beastblade Ikazuchi
For high phial damage SAED focused builds. Must complete story to obtain.

Thanatos Force
For high phial damage SAED focused builds. Can use Elementless. Actually exceeds attack of Rajang CB with 4 Attack Augments and all attack custom augments.

Despot’s Thundergale
Best Thunder elemental CB

Kadachi Soul II
Highest Thunder Element CB (with custom augments)

Deep Schnegel II
Best Ice elemental CB

Glavenus Bardred
Highest Fire Element CB

Hellsire Blade
Lower Fire Element but higher affinity and raw than Glavenus

Deep Terroir II
Best Water elemental CB

Deathaxe Vaal Aspida
Best Dragon elemental CB



Poverty Builds

No decorations? Get ready to use these for a while!

Mid-story Builds

Post-story Builds



Early Endgame Builds

Early Endgame: from completion of story to MR70.

Budget Builds

These builds have no Rare 7, 8, 11, or 12 decorations.



Late Endgame Builds

Late Endgame: MR70 and above.

#Guard 1 Master’s Touch

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible charm: Attack, Agitator, Slugger, Health Boost, Miasma etc.

#Guard 1 Master’s Touch (Kaiser Gamma)

Required Event Equipment: Kaiser Gamma
Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Loses about 80 defense and 1 Attack to gain 1 Agitator. For tryhard speedruns.

#Guard 3 Master’s Touch, Flexible Charm

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible charm: Attack, Agitator, Slugger, Health Boost, Miasma etc.
If running Affinity augment, swap 2 or 3 of the Guardian/Expert for Guardian/Attack.

#Guard 5 Master’s Touch

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible decorations: Challenger+


Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
What a build! Used by Vanov in this video:

#Artillery 5, Flexible Charm

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible charm: Attack, Agitator, Slugger, Health Boost, Miasma etc.

I include this grudgingly as many people ask about it. My opinion is that Artillery Secret is not worth the sacrifice of Master’s Touch and several skill points compared to the above builds.

#Guard 5 Artillery 5

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1



Elemental Builds

Optimal builds are still up in the air. Stay tuned!

#Cookie Cutter (2 Namielle)

Can be used with any elemental CB.
Gloves are interchangeable with Shara B+. Also consider Guild Palace B+.

#Cookie Cutter (4 Namielle)

Can be used with any elemental CB. Only recommended for high base element weapons such as Beotodus and Vaal Hazak, post augment and custom upgrade.

#Cookie Cutter (Master’s Touch)

Can be used with any elemental CB.

#Cookie Cutter (True Critical Element)

Can be used with any elemental CB.

312 thoughts on “Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like to walk the fine line between not dying and killing the monster quickly, and I reconcile the two with a Healthsteal build. I like builds like this because the more damage you do to the monster the more health you get back and so you can continue to kill the monster(plus, it avoids having to run away from the the fight to heal). I give the skill the armor provide and the slots(ex: Armor X, 2x Focus, 2, 2, 2 means it provides Focus 2 and can hold three 2-slot decorations). So:

    Weapon: Luna Eostre, 2, 2. Augment Healthsteal and who knows what else.
    Helmet: Zorah Headgear A+: 2x Artillery, 2, 2
    Chest: Blackveil B+: 2x Recovery Speed, 4, 2
    Arms: Blackveil B+: 2x Recovery Up, 4, 1, 1
    Waist: Zorah Spine A+: 1x Artillery, 3, 2
    Boots: Zorah Spurs B+: 1x Earplugs, 4, 3
    Charm: Guardian Charm III

    1-slots: 1x Guard, 1x Vitality
    2-slots: 2x Crit Boost, 1x Proc Polish, 1x Capacity Boost, 2x Focus on weapons
    3-slots: 1x WE, 1x Recovery Speed, 1x Crit Boost
    4-slots: 1x Artillery+, 1x Focus/Recovery Up, WE/Vitality, WE/Vitality
    4-slots can be switched around a bit so long as provide the below skills

    Artillery V
    Offensive Guard III
    Recovery Speed III
    Recovery Up III
    Crit Boost III
    Focus III
    Weakness Exploit III
    Health Boost III
    Guard I
    Protective Polish
    Capacity Boost
    Set bonuses: Super Recovery, Artillery Secret

    As always, feedback is appreciated.


    • Anonymous says:

      How is this working out for you? I like this build because it seems I’m constantly healing instead of attacking. This sounds like an ideal build for me.


      • Anonymous says:

        Hi, this is interesting but it seems u are showing 1 extra jewel, the set has only 2 lvl 3 slots but u consider putting 3 lvl 3 slots
        How u got all the skills? I would need to take off one of the lvl 3 slot skills.
        The rest seems really interesting
        I really appreciate a survival set


    • Bardawulf says:

      This is almost identical to a build I made 2 nights ago.

      I don’t have the health regen on the weapon yet but it’ll be going on as soon as I can do it,

      But for those who are wondering this build works out VERY well.


      • Anonymous says:

        I finally tried this build last night and have to say it is awesome. Not only did I not die during the Gold Rathian fight, but I only healed twice. I kept dying before to tempered monsters and spent most of my time healing than fighting. I still need certain jewels and augment my Luna Eostre with health regen, but it’s been awesome so far.


  2. Moonmadness says:

    Hey Tom, have you checked the sets post-Rajang patch? Pretty sure you can improve Goldian sets due to having access to affinity as a 2nd augment.


  3. Anonymous says:

    With True Critical Element is it better to go Savage Axe playstyle or normal phial damage style?

    I assume True Critical Element is better for Glavenus Bardred Elemental CB.


    • stripedypaper says:

      with TCE it is exclusively savage axe playstyle, you probably would not SAED at all unless your shield is about to run out.
      it’s not known yet if TCE is better or worse than namielle or master’s touch in general or otherwise


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello any know what materials needed for Luna Eostre Health Regen Augmentation, i got the 3rd item want to know what is 1, 2 & 4 and which monsters so i can try to carve..
    I tried combination of several other but not getting, i already augmented defense & affinity.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Any news on whether TCE has a niche that makes it better than namielle or master’s touch? And, hey, is there any value in the Stygian Zinogre weapons? I haven’t max upgraded it yet…


    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve set up a build that utilizes health boost and health recovery and so far it’s been working for me. I may not kill a monster in record time but I managed to stay alive a lot longer than I used to and use potions a lot less as well.


    • stripedypaper says:

      TCE is viable on monsters that have high elemental hitzone and when savage axe is viable (i.e savage deviljho). Stygian CB seems strong but just short of gold rathian. It might be slightly better on dragon weak monsters when you wouldn’t use SAED much (since gold rathian deals more phial damage).


  6. Anonymous says:

    I rather liked the cbs worth crafting page – also, having got the “final max upgrade” on the Luna, it seems like defense is about all there is to do?


  7. Anonymous says:

    I just came here for the CBs worth crafting section so I could prep for Iceborne PC =/. Maybe put it back but keep it really tiny without any pictures?


  8. Riccardo says:

    Here’s a raw build for PC/ base game that I think surpasses all diablos ones.

    Defender cb (augmented with health/affinity)
    Nergigante helm a (guard)
    Damascus mail b (3x artillery)
    Drachen arms (focus, mighty)
    Kulve waist y (critical)
    Drachen legs (magazine)
    Exploiter charm

    It gets
    Attack boost 4
    Critical boost 3
    Weakness exploit 3
    Maximum might 3
    Artillery 3
    Focus 3
    Critical eye 2
    Capacity boost
    Guard 1

    Almost 900 raw, white sharpness and 101% affinity on weak zones. It works amazing!


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