Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)

Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)

Looking for Pre-Iceborne High Rank builds, including deco-less builds to tackle Master Rank story? Click here or use the menu above.
Also, it goes without saying that this page will not avoid spoilers for monsters or any content.



Charge Blades worth crafting
Early Endgame Builds
Late Endgame Builds
Elemental Builds


Last Update

Added impact sets:
– Guard 1 Kaiser Gamma
– Focusless
Updated sets:
– Guard 1 Master’s Touch
– Guard 5 Master’s Touch
Removed sets:
– Guard 5 Master’s Touch Crit eye 7

Full Update History



Charge Blades worth crafting

Saber’s Maw II (Great Jagras tree)
For progression, can be crafted at the start of MR3. Later, you can make it into Glavenus CB.

Chrome Fortress III (Metal tree)
Great all-purpose CB until it is replaced by Gold Rathian CB. Consider running Razor Sharp Charm.

The Melting Grasp (Acidic Glavenus tree)
High raw and neutral affinity, outclasses Diablos and Zorah. Bad sharpness. Consider running Handicraft 5 and Protective Polish.

Inescapable Karma (Shara Ishvalda tree)
Raw between Metal and Acid Glavenus, OK sharpness. Consider running Handicraft and/or Razor sharp Charm.

Luna Eostra (Gold Rathian tree)
This is probably the best impact charge blade. Tied for highest raw, positive affinity, great sharpness, great slots. Not elementless but has very high poison.

Ruinous Devastation (Ruiner Nergigante tree)
Likely worse than Gold Rathian CB but outclasses other impact charge blades. The low dragon element is basically useless and the extra sharpness is paid for by the lack of level 2 slots compared to Gold Rathian CB.

Despot’s Thundergale (Zinogre tree)

Kadachi Soul II (Zinogre tree)
Notes: Ends up with higher thunder than Zinogre due to custom upgrades and lower rarity. For the inevitable MR Kulve encounter.

Deep Schnegel II (Beotodus tree)
Best Ice elemental CB

Glavenus Bardred (Glavenus tree)

Hellsire Blade (Silver Rathalos tree)
Notes: unsure if worth over Glavenus. Higher raw and affinity but 60 lower fire, 90 if Glavenus is augmented 3 times for element.

Deep Terroir II (Jyuratodus tree)
Best Water elemental CB

Deathaxe Vaal Aspida (Vaal Hazak tree)
Best Dragon elemental CB


Poverty Builds

No decorations? Get ready to use these for a while!

#Razor Sharp




Early Endgame Builds

Early Endgame: from completion of story to MR70.





Late Endgame Builds

Late Endgame: MR70 and above.

#Guard 1 Master’s Touch

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible charm: Attack, Agitator, Slugger, Health Boost, Miasma etc.

#Guard 1 Master’s Touch (Kaiser Gamma)

Required Event Equipment: Kaiser Gamma
Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Loses about 80 defense and 1 Attack to gain 1 Agitator. For tryhard speedruns.

#Guard 3 Master’s Touch, Flexible Charm

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible charm: Attack, Agitator, Slugger, Health Boost, Miasma etc.
If running Affinity augment, swap 2 or 3 of the Guardian/Expert for Guardian/Attack.

#Guard 5 Master’s Touch

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible decorations: Challenger+


Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
What a build! Used by Vanov in this video:

#Artillery 5, Flexible Charm

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible charm: Attack, Agitator, Slugger, Health Boost, Miasma etc.

I include this grudgingly as many people ask about it. My opinion is that Artillery Secret is not worth the sacrifice of Master’s Touch and several skill points compared to the above builds.

#Guard 5 Artillery 5

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1


Elemental Builds

Optimal builds are still up in the air. Stay tuned!

#Cookie Cutter (2 Namielle)

Can be used with any elemental CB.
Gloves are interchangeable with Shara B+. Also consider Guild Palace B+.

#Cookie Cutter (4 Namielle)

Can be used with any elemental CB. Only recommended for high base element weapons such as Beotodus and Vaal Hazak, post augment and custom upgrade.

#Cookie Cutter (Master’s Touch)

Can be used with any elemental CB.

#Cookie Cutter (True Critical Element)

Can be used with any elemental CB.

299 thoughts on “Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)

  1. boopitysnoop says:

    Hey I’ve been looking around on the internet for some CB builds so I’ve been wondering something. How come most CB builds don’t have slugger? I thought CB would be used for the KO utility as well. Or does damage make KO irrelevant/the weapon can KO comfortable anyway?


    • stripedypaper says:

      you can use KO charm for slugger 3 on the flexible charm builds, it’s useful only for some monsters because AED/SAED already deal lot of stun damage and in most fights it won’t change the number of stuns you get before killing the monster. I use KO charm for Uragaan and Lunastra (not yet on pc).


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing and really helpful!

    One thing though… in the absolute poverty build, wouldn’t it be better to use nergigante coil and dober armor for attack boost instead of focus? I understand the importance of Focus, but isn’t it lowering down the damage a lot? This way would there would be Attack Boost 5 instead of Focus 3.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Could you try and make a dragon one without any special equipment since PC still hasn’t got that covered yet? Also good work with the elemental ones. (even though attack jewels are quite rare)


    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry, I’m blind. I saw your crossed it out in your update and a search for [PC] came up short, but I see the tags on the right side. Thanks!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m kinda stuck on how to build. I have several of the decorations, but have no Ironwall or Artillery gems. The relevant gems I have are listed as follows:

    Elementless x 1
    Sharp x 1
    Attack x 1
    Magazine x 1
    Tenderizer x 2

    I’m trying my best to fit some Focus, Attack, Atrillery, Weakness Exploit, along with Non-Elemental boost, Protective Polish, and Capacity, but I’m having a hard time finding a way to squeeze it all on.

    Does anyone have any advice?


  5. nerbs says:

    Dude this is awesome, but would you have a build for Dragon elemental CB without Dante gear? I’m on PC version so hasn’t come yet, and not in japan to get USJ 😦


  6. Kevin ADB says:

    This is greate.
    I’d like to suggest 2 of mine (based on Artillery 3, Capacity Boost, Focus 3, Guard 1, Non-elemental Boost):
    1. Handicrasft 5, Protective Polish, Weakness Exploit 2, Attack Boost 4.
    1. Handicrasft 5, Protective Polish, Weakness Exploit 2, Speed Sharpening 3.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Good day! Can you add build using Taroth Strongarm “Thunder” and “Ice”? Or the current thunder and ice build on this list is the best.


    • stripedypaper says:

      I think the taroth thunder and ice CBs are not very good, because they have hidden element and also use impact phials instead of elemental. Meaning you need free element 3 AND elemental attack along with all the usual stuff, AND artillery if you want your SAED damage to be increased. It’s just pretty ugly.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Quick question:

    Does “Attack Augment is better than Affinity Augment” only apply on Diablos Tyrannis II? Also, is it a good idea to do x2 Attack Augment + Health Augment on Thunder Anti-Kulve and Ice (PC Builds)


  9. Chronus says:

    First of all thanks for this guide.

    I remember there was a comfy hunting build or something that had 1 Taroth armour and a lunastra weapon? With lunastra coming to PC and Taroth having been around could I get a link? Of course knowing my luck it had some behemoth gear or something.


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