Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)

Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)


Poverty Builds
Early Endgame Builds
Late Endgame Builds
Elemental Builds


Last Update

Updated Poverty and Early Endgame builds
Removed Charge Blades worth crafting section

Full Update History



Poverty Builds

No decorations? Get ready to use these for a while!

Mid-story Builds

Post-story Builds



Early Endgame Builds

Early Endgame: from completion of story to MR70.

Budget Builds

These builds have no Rare 7, 8, 11, or 12 decorations.



Late Endgame Builds

Late Endgame: MR70 and above.

#Guard 1 Master’s Touch

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible charm: Attack, Agitator, Slugger, Health Boost, Miasma etc.

#Guard 1 Master’s Touch (Kaiser Gamma)

Required Event Equipment: Kaiser Gamma
Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Loses about 80 defense and 1 Attack to gain 1 Agitator. For tryhard speedruns.

#Guard 3 Master’s Touch, Flexible Charm

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible charm: Attack, Agitator, Slugger, Health Boost, Miasma etc.
If running Affinity augment, swap 2 or 3 of the Guardian/Expert for Guardian/Attack.

#Guard 5 Master’s Touch

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible decorations: Challenger+


Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
What a build! Used by Vanov in this video:

#Artillery 5, Flexible Charm

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1
Flexible charm: Attack, Agitator, Slugger, Health Boost, Miasma etc.

I include this grudgingly as many people ask about it. My opinion is that Artillery Secret is not worth the sacrifice of Master’s Touch and several skill points compared to the above builds.

#Guard 5 Artillery 5

Recommended Augments: Health 1, Affinity 1



Elemental Builds

Optimal builds are still up in the air. Stay tuned!

#Cookie Cutter (2 Namielle)

Can be used with any elemental CB.
Gloves are interchangeable with Shara B+. Also consider Guild Palace B+.

#Cookie Cutter (4 Namielle)

Can be used with any elemental CB. Only recommended for high base element weapons such as Beotodus and Vaal Hazak, post augment and custom upgrade.

#Cookie Cutter (Master’s Touch)

Can be used with any elemental CB.

#Cookie Cutter (True Critical Element)

Can be used with any elemental CB.

Best Elemental CBs

Despot’s Thundergale (Zinogre tree)

Deep Schnegel II (Beotodus tree)

Glavenus Bardred (Glavenus tree)

Deep Terroir II (Jyuratodus tree)
Best Water elemental CB

Deathaxe Vaal Aspida (Vaal Hazak tree)

307 thoughts on “Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)

  1. ChrisB says:

    Q1: Why WE3 in the “THUNDER ANTI-KULVE (KJARR)”-Build? Kulves only weakpoints are the forearms, the chests and the horns (which are unaffected by thunder-damage) – or am I wrong? Instead I suggest Maximum Might 3 for more Affinity…
    Q2: Do you prefer white sharpness over Critical Boost for more elemental Phial damage? Which one is better?


    • stripedypaper says:

      1. All of kulves body is weak when she is molten
      2. neither of those affect phial damage. I usually try to balance both in elemental builds since they have high affinity and kjarr weapons reach white easily


      • ChrisB says:

        1. The only problem is, that she does not get molten so easy like the former normal Kulve, so the advantage of the element does not prog EVERY time (I thought about switching to the water element build, because she has always the same weakness to water.
        2. Are you sure? I thought, I saw different phial damage numbers on monsters per SAED. So some phials do crit and others not – and therefore the criteria boost does have an influence on those phials.


      • stripedypaper says:

        what you are seeing is not phials critting. Elemental phials are affected by hitzones (unlike impact phials which are fixed damage) so they will hit different damage on different monster parts. Charge blade phials cannot crit (but switch axe phials can).
        I’m not going to change my antikulve build based on my experiences fighting kulve but you are free to swap weakness exploit for something else.


  2. Riccardo says:

    First and foremost, props to Stripedypaper for this really useful guide.

    I play on PC and, so far, I’v found only one attack deco (besides the one given during the quest) and 0 charger decos.

    With the decos I was lucky enough to find, I made the following build:
    Dragonking eyepatch
    Chest/waist damascus b
    Legs/arms Drachen a
    Handicraft charm 3.

    Critical eye 5
    Attack boost 4
    Weakness exploit 3
    Focus 3
    Artillery 3
    Handicraft 3
    Critical boost 1
    Elementless boost
    Capacity boost.

    Do you think this build is good enough?
    Soon AT kushala will be released on PC; kushala y arms is identical compared to damascus b chest.

    Is it possible to switch drachen arms and damascus b chest and use kushala y arms and anothet chest (I can’t figure out which one)?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello there, thank you so much for your help for all CB players. I’ve bookmarked this and reference’d it everytime. Question: Is there an alternative for All-purpose Handicraft Build due to Dante Set being event item only? Would be greatly appreciative.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello, Isn’t the drachen armor an event reward? The gloves are listed for it under the ALL-PURPOSE FLEXIBLE CHARM (NO EVENT EQUIPMENT) set. Thanks!


    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly I dont think you need a gamma build for survival. I’m not the best CB around, but theres not a bunch to the set that is really useful outside of Vaal hunts. If you have effluvia decos in you inventory you might be better off socketing them imho than trying to build a set solely for Vaal.

      With that said, if you are intent on making a Vaal gamma set, I would say stick with the chest, waist, and legs. This gives you:
      Recovery speed up x3 (good with set bonus)
      Peak performance x2 ( not used a lot, but helpful rarely)
      Recovery up x1 (more heals plz)
      Dragon attack x1 (useless in DT builds)

      After that you have to use a lot of slots for effluvia resistance that you would otherwise use for better skills. Really, if you want to farm AT Vaal you would be better off with the alpha or bet armor to get the effluvia skills easier


  5. knewknow says:

    Thanks a lot for this post! Unfortunately I haven’t been blessed with a magazine or any artillery jewels. I do have multiple Iron Walls and at least 5 attack jewels (yep… frustrating that everyone is looking for these and I have some to spare). Any ideas on a good build? I feel limited without those artilleries…

    I play on PC btw.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey! First off all thank you a lot for creating this site. I instantly bookmarked it. Question: What would be the best way to build a PC alternative for the Critical Styx build?


    • stripedypaper says:

      artillery doesn’t work for elemental phials (they use the corresponding elemental attack skill instead). Critical element also doesn’t affect phials since they don’t crit so it’s just a nice to have effect that isn’t worth sacrificing behemoth set for.


  7. Riccardo says:

    For all the CB players who struggle with AT Daora like I do, here is a build that allowed me to solo it after two multiplayer runs.

    I hope it helps.

    Dragonking eyepatch a (tenderizer)
    Daora chest a / daora chest b (charger)
    Daora arms y (3x artillery)
    Daora waist y (health, attack)
    Lunastra legs b (magazine, elementless)
    Attack charm 3

    Attack boost 4
    Handicraft 4
    Artillery 3
    Weakness exploit 3
    Focus 3
    Health boost 3
    Capacity boost
    Elementless boost
    Daora’s set bonus


  8. Isaiah says:

    Hi, just started working on my chargeblade and everyone seems to recommend diablos tyrannos ii. I recently acquired Taroth Strongarm “Horn” and it SEEMS like it’s the same as Diablos but with more defense. Is there an obvious reason why diablos is better? Thanks!


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