Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)

Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)


Poverty Builds
Late Endgame Builds
Elemental Builds
Safi’Jiiva Impact Builds
Safi’Jiiva Elemental Builds


Last Update

Added builds using Lightbreak Charge Blade and Raging Brachydios armor, including progression builds
Removed Gold Rathian, Melting Grasp, Dante, and Guild Palace CBs from recommended list
Removed Health augment from builds that used Safi set and Resentment
Demonlord Blade is still under inspection as a build option



Charge Blades worth crafting

Saber’s Maw II
(Progression only) Later, you can make it into Glavenus CB.

Chrome Fortress III
(Progression only) Great all-purpose CB until it is replaced by Lightbreak CB. Can use Elementless.

Dear Rosetta
(Progression only) Very similar to Chrome Fortress III, trading 10 raw and elementless for better slots, 10% affinity, and high poison.

Lightbreak Charge Blade
An incredibly strong new option which has replaced Luna Eostre and is available right after story (MR24). It actually comes extremely close to Safi’Jiiva Impact charge blades.

Despot’s Thundergale
Best Thunder elemental CB (pre-Safi)

Deep Schnegel II
Best Ice elemental CB (even after Safi)

Glavenus Bardred
Highest Fire Element CB (pre-Safi)

Hellsire Blade
Lower Fire Element but higher affinity and raw than Glavenus

Deep Terroir II
Best Water elemental CB.. but pretty bad still (pre-Safi)

Deathaxe Vaal Aspida
Best Dragon elemental CB (pre-Safi)



Progression Builds

Mid-story Builds

MR 1 star, no decos

MR 3 star, no decos

MR 5 star, no decos

Post-story Builds

No decos
Unfortunately, you will need to farm a lot of Raging Brachydios right after story for its armor and weapon. Each armor piece also requires a mantle-quality item to create. When you get a Magazine jewel (R7), replace the helm with Raging Brachydios a+. When you get an Ironwall jewel (R7 or combination) and Charger jewel (R8 or combination), replace the waist with Raging Brachydios a+.

Only R8 decos and under
Helm can be either B+ or a+, B+ will be used more later.

Only R10 decos and under



Impact Builds

#Master’s Touch

This build does not easily fit Guard 5. If you want Guard 5 it is recommended to use the Gamma helm build or Artillery Secret build.

Build variants:
Artillery 0

#Master’s Touch (Gamma)

Requires HR Kaiser Gamma helm from Arch-tempered Teostra. Sacrifices some defense for superior slots.

Build variants:
Guard 5
Artillery 0

#Artillery Secret

Artillery 5 has been reborn and it is REALLY strong (compared to Zorah sets).

Build variants:
Guard 5


For Savage Axe fanatics only, dropping Focus and Artillery for pure physical damage.

Build variants:
Gamma helm


No sharpness mitigation but Safi offers you plenty of opportunities to sharpen in battle. You can switch Mind’s Eye to Protective Polish if you find sharpness a big issue.

Build variants:
Less Offensive Guard, more Affinity



Elemental Builds

#Cookie Cutter (Master’s Touch)

Can be used with any elemental CB.

#Cookie Cutter (4 Namielle)

Only recommended for high element (base 390+). Only recommended for SAED focused playstyle. This set is replaced by Safi set.

#Cookie Cutter (True Critical Element)

Can be used with any elemental CB. Recommended for Savage Axe focused playstyle.


Balanced build with health boost 3.
Optional substitutions: -Critical +Minds Eye, -Vitality +Geology

Build variants:
Gamma helm


Safi’Jiiva Impact Builds

Safi FAQ

Which Safi CBs should I get?

For impact CBs, I recommend blast as the best general purpose CB. Sleep is also good for multiplayer or farming shinies in Guiding Lands. Poison feels worse than blast and paralysis takes a very long time to proc without investment into status. For elemental CBs, all but ice are best in slot for their element. Ice is beaten by Beotodus CB.

#Master’s Touch

This build does not easily fit Guard 5. If you want Guard 5 it is recommended to use the Gamma helm build or Artillery Secret build.

#Master’s Touch (Gamma helm)

Requires HR Kaiser Gamma helm from Arch-tempered Teostra. Sacrifices some defense for superior slots.

Build variants:
Guard 5

#Artillery Secret

While this looks almost identical to Lightbreak Charge Blade’s Artillery Secret build, the higher base attack from Safi with all attack awakenings provides a significant difference in phial damage.

Build variants:
Protective Polish + Item Prolonger
Guard 5


For Savage Axe fanatics only, dropping Focus and Artillery for pure physical damage.

Build variants:
Safi 3 + Master’s Touch + Resentment
Safi 3 + Razor Sharp + Resentment (Highest EFR)



Safi’Jiiva Elemental Builds

#Safi 5

Build variants:
Guard 5
Guard 5 (Beotodus)
Anti-Rajang (Beotodus)
Focusless (Beotodus)

#Safi + Teo Hybrid

Sacrifices some element for the mostly infinite sharpness of Master’s Touch. Requires Teo essence so Beotodus CB cannot use this set.

Build variants:
Guard 5
Focus 0

#True Critical Element

Higher physical hits (including Savage Axe ticks) than Safi 5 (Focus 0), but lower phial damage.

#Safi + Velkhana Hybrid

Somewhere between Safi 5 and True Critical Element. A hidden contender?

Build variants:
No Protective Polish
No Protective Polish (Beotodus)

395 thoughts on “Iceborne Charge Blade Builds (Console)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see any guard 3 set ups with this latest bunch and more than a few guard ones – is that because it’s easy to make that, or because the need for guard 3 has been greatly exaggerated?


    • stripedypaper says:

      I don’t have enough information to say exactly which monsters need 3 and which need 5. I think guard 1 is enough for 70% of monsters and for the rest you’d use either 3 or 5. 5 is just easy to build for since you use ironwall charm


  2. Anonymous says:

    So, I did run a safi elemental build with ALL stat up attack augments, no healing then I realized it was getting me killed from time to time with the Safi bonus, so that may be something to point out with the elemental builds…. “Why a health augment? Unless you’re very clean, you may cart from the health drain effect more than you would like.”


  3. Anonymous says:

    Just curious if you would consider making a build for what is the best to farm safi with if there is a special build like we had for Kt or if not which one of these would you recommend using to farm safi.


  4. Anonymous says:

    In the early endgame phial damage set, why not go for barroth greaves wwith 4/2/1 deco and slot capacity boost instead of the dodogama greaves, you get Stun resist LVL 2 for free basically 😀 alternatively you can use the shara ishvalda greaves for Partbreaker 1 and Defensive boost 1 for free. (obviously you need the magazin deco, but you reqzure Artilery+ decos so that should not be a problem


  5. Ian says:

    Thanks for the in-depth details. I just crafted teo garuga build but I’m MR 53 now. Which CB do you recommend using Wild force or dear Rosetta?


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey man sorry if you have been asked to death on this but just how much of a damage difference is there between going impact vs elemental? I’m not looking forward to farming and maxing a safi CB of each element.


  7. Keiko says:

    Can you please post or point out builds with Health Boost 3, but still deal very good damage? I am new to CB, but I have all of these CBs you have recommended fully awakened and ready to be used for fun and learning. Thank you so much!!


    • Anonymous says:

      I am actually using a build that might suit you.

      Luna eostre
      Garuga helm b+
      Damascus mail b+
      Rex roar arms b+
      Damascus waist b+
      Garuga legs b+
      Guard charm V

      Jewels: 2x offensive guard/attack, 1 offensive guard/ critical eye, 1 artillery 4, 1 critical eye 4, 3 critical boost, 3 weakness exploit, 1 capacity boost, 1 artillery and 1 health boost.

      You get

      Critical eye 6
      Guard 5
      Attack boost 4
      Weakness exploit 3
      Critical boost 3
      Offensive guard 3
      Focus 3
      Artillery 3
      Health boost 3
      Capacity boost
      Resentment 1

      You can also swap offensive guard/critical eye for fortify/critical eye for comfy GL farming


      • Anonymous says:

        You are my man. I use the same build, never understand the kaisers master touch meta, usually the monster switches region before I run out of white sharpness and I can sharpen on my mount. Also I have a power version of this build which I use against easy(er) monsters, I swap the guard charm to challenger charm (agitator) and swap the health boost 1 jewel to one guard. Save both build on presets and swap accordingly.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Great post!

    Protective Polish might be a good alternative to Master’s Touch. So they people can go for artillery secret or more handicraft.


    • Anonymous says:

      Not worth it.

      Suppose we have 20 hits of purple, we are pretty much forced to run MT to maintain it. This locks us out of Safi 5. Furthermore, we have to spend awakening(s) which could have been used to stack more raw. Overall, the purple gets about 1% more damage but, this is also very difficult to play because most of us will hit areas other than tenderized weakspots. This is true for pretty much any raw focused weapon. CB specifically has it even worse. CBs have trouble holding sharpness even with MT because blocking eats into sharpness. CB also don’t really benefit from purple outside of damage because it has natural Minds Eye for a lot of its attack already, which matters for some harder hitzones. Lastly, sharpness doesn’t help phial damage.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Any notion of what a pure post Safi Savage ax build would look like, impact and elemental? I see people dropping artillery and focus when they go all savage, so I’m curious to see what that might look like these days.


  10. Bukharajones says:

    So I used my decos to build with the buff body chest and the safi helm b and the Kaiser arms and coil and garuga legs band its super flexible. I’ve gotten a standard art 3 set up with max agitator and crit eye on it pretty easy and with no focus and no cap boost on full savage no saed I got full attack, full agitator, full wex, full crit eye, full crit boost…

    Ive pretty much made anything I want on it, so you could probably make it better.


  11. Anonymous says:

    You should consider looking at 3 pieces of Safi and 2 pieces of Velkhana for an Elemental Crit focused Savage Axe set. Something like Safi/Velk/Safi/Velk/Safi.


  12. Bukharajones says:

    So I watched an akantorex tempered ruiner run and he ran attack boost seven, no artillery, and I made something similar with my decos and wanted to know your thoughts about eschewing artillery completely on impact and crit eye while still reaching 100 percent affinity…

    My experience is it works well but requires stronger spacing for cleaner hits with power ax, at least in solo, if you’re not wanting to eat sharpness up too quickly.

    This is a safi-Teo all attack set that hits 100 percent…


    • Anonymous says:

      Silver rath for tce, but tight with slots. You can do well without capacity boost and focus on that set up, since elemental savage excels on it… all alpha silver might be great for fire cb savage. There’s also a 3 piece safi 2 pieces velk that gives critical element and dragon vein that does good elemental work, too, mentioned in the comments above.


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